Three Kings” is a movie produced in 1999 about the Iraqi uprising following the liberation of Kuwait.  When Troy Barlow and his platoon come across a secret map from one of the captured Iraqis, they assume it leads to the Saddam’s legendary gold that was taken from Kuwait. After sharing the news to an accompanying crew, Major Gates, Staff Sergeant Chief Elgin, Private First Class Conrad Vig, and Sergeant First Class Troy Barlow devise a secret mission to steal the gold. When the plan seems to be going perfectly and the men are in position of the gold, they experience a dilemma. As they start to leave the base they experience Saddam’s soldiers harassing civilians and eventually killing an innocent woman. After seeing this, the American soldiers intervene and a small battle ensues with the Americans coming out on top, leaving Saddam’s soldiers for dead – breaking the cease-fire agreement. As the firefight finishes, the Americans load all of the civilians into their truck and escape while more Iraqi soldiers show up to the scene. As the Americans attempt to leave, Saddam’s soldiers begin launching gas along the road, resulting in the Americans crashing their vehicles. The Iraqi civilians come to the aid of the American and shelter them in underground caves. All soldiers make it to the caves except for on –Troy Barlow – who is captured by Saddam’s soldiers and taken prisoner. The rest of the movie is focused on the Americans attempt to rescue Private Barlow and devising a plan to rescue the Iraqi civilians.    

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    April 2013