To what extent were the conflicts between Iran and Iraq and Kuwait fought over oil resources? To what extent were they religious?

The Iran Iraq war laster roughly 10 years from 1980-1990 when it was ended by the UN. Following the Shiite revolution of Iran in 1980, Iraq feared a similar event occurring to them especially since most of the Iraq population was of the Shiite religion. This war eventually took place and became a war of religion while Iraq feared another Shiite revolution occurring in Iraq.The war was eventually ended by the UN when a treaty was signed.

In 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait to start the first of the gulf wars. 30 countries joined in a coalition against Iraq as a result. Despite this, the US wouldn't let Israel join in fear of losing Arab support. The Iraqis tried to involve the israelis by launching SCUD missiles. After 4 days, Kuwait liberated with 90,000 Iraqi casualties.

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