Three Kings” is a movie produced in 1999 about the Iraqi uprising following the liberation of Kuwait.  When Troy Barlow and his platoon come across a secret map from one of the captured Iraqis, they assume it leads to the Saddam’s legendary gold that was taken from Kuwait. After sharing the news to an accompanying crew, Major Gates, Staff Sergeant Chief Elgin, Private First Class Conrad Vig, and Sergeant First Class Troy Barlow devise a secret mission to steal the gold. When the plan seems to be going perfectly and the men are in position of the gold, they experience a dilemma. As they start to leave the base they experience Saddam’s soldiers harassing civilians and eventually killing an innocent woman. After seeing this, the American soldiers intervene and a small battle ensues with the Americans coming out on top, leaving Saddam’s soldiers for dead – breaking the cease-fire agreement. As the firefight finishes, the Americans load all of the civilians into their truck and escape while more Iraqi soldiers show up to the scene. As the Americans attempt to leave, Saddam’s soldiers begin launching gas along the road, resulting in the Americans crashing their vehicles. The Iraqi civilians come to the aid of the American and shelter them in underground caves. All soldiers make it to the caves except for on –Troy Barlow – who is captured by Saddam’s soldiers and taken prisoner. The rest of the movie is focused on the Americans attempt to rescue Private Barlow and devising a plan to rescue the Iraqi civilians.    

To what extent were the conflicts between Iran and Iraq and Kuwait fought over oil resources? To what extent were they religious?

The Iran Iraq war laster roughly 10 years from 1980-1990 when it was ended by the UN. Following the Shiite revolution of Iran in 1980, Iraq feared a similar event occurring to them especially since most of the Iraq population was of the Shiite religion. This war eventually took place and became a war of religion while Iraq feared another Shiite revolution occurring in Iraq.The war was eventually ended by the UN when a treaty was signed.

In 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait to start the first of the gulf wars. 30 countries joined in a coalition against Iraq as a result. Despite this, the US wouldn't let Israel join in fear of losing Arab support. The Iraqis tried to involve the israelis by launching SCUD missiles. After 4 days, Kuwait liberated with 90,000 Iraqi casualties.

What were the outcomes of the four Arab-Israeli wars (War of Independence, Suez Crisis, 6 Days War, Yom Kippur War) and how did this further establish the country of Israel?

During the mid 1900's, a number of events took place that sparked a feud between the Arabs and Israelis. In 1948 the war of independence began as a result of the Balfour Declaration. As a result, Israel gained a significant amount of territory and power over the arabs once the war ended. Later in 1956, Gamal Nasser and Egypt threaten Israel by nationalizing the Suez Canal. In retaliation, the Israelis attacked under their policies and joined with the French and British. The situation was eventually calmed due to U.N. Peacekeeping forces. This event later came to be known as the Suez Crisis. Later in 1967, another event arose between the two nations after the Egyptians expelled the peacekeeping forces from the Suez Canal. Following this, they chose to wage an attack on the Israeli territory. But with the help of intelligence, the Israelis were able to prepare and input a first-strike policy. This policy meant that if the Israelis assumed there would be an attack, they would attack first. This conflict came to be known as the 6 Days War. As a result, much of the Egyptian Airforce was destroyed and much of their territory was taken by the Israelis. Finally in 1973, the Egyptians made another attempt to attack Israel, but this time chose the Yom Kippur holiday to create surprise. Although the attack had initial success, The US send aid to Israel and put a stop to the Egyptian attack. As a result, the war ended with a change in the boarders of the territory.

" To what extent did France and Britain make things worse in the Middle East region following World War I? Did the United Nations fulfill its mandate of trying to create world peace?"

When the Ottoman Empire broke up to become Turkey, much of the remaining territory was broken up and given to either Britain and France. When the Balfour Declaration came to be in 1917, Palestine - which was part of that territory- was promised to both the Arabs and the Israelis because of its religious importance. As a result, we saw the beginning of the Israeli war of Independence and a long-lasting feud between the two nations.

Once this problem is handed over to theUnited Nations, the war increases and becomes even more hostile. As a result, it did not fulfill the mandate.


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