What advancements have been made in the United States in terms of the rights for women and African Americans since the 1960s? 

Advancements in the United States were seen in two major categories. In the early 1900's, women finally began to receive the right to vote. Despite this, they still lacked equality in work and pay. With the introduction of birth control in the 1960's, a large change was seen for women. It gave them the option whether they wanted to be a mother or to not have children and pursue a full time job. Even though women's rights were increasing, they were still not completely equal. Women made only 64% of what men were making in the workplace. In 1966, in attempt to prohibit any discriminations against women, the National Organization for women strived for the Equal Rights bill to be amended - Resulting in an increase in rights. During this time, african americans were also competing for equal rights. Earlier in the 1860s, they were freed from slavery by the United States but they still didn't receive equal rights. Then later on in 1954, the Supreme Court desegregated schools, followed by other public areas as well. John F. Kennedy later attempted to bring equality with the introduction of the Civil Rights Bill. This bill brought in the first political instance of equality between the races.
who attempted equality; he passed Kennedy's Civil Rights bill, created VISTA and out lawed the literacy test needed to vote.

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